Wind Fencing and Installation in Colorado

If you have been a Colorado resident for any number of years then you are likely well aware of the sometimes fierce and brutal wind conditions that can exist. During the winter months these winds can accumulate into large snowdrifts that create an endless amount of plowing in order to keep your driveway clear. TM Fencing provides wind fence solutions to help combat this problem.

Most of our wind fences are constructed using two large, pine A-frames spanning 12’-14’ apart and are connected with either many levels of 4”-5”pine rails or 2”x10” or 2”x12” planks facing in the direction of the wind. The fences are often 8’ to 10’ tall and they work by shielding the wind blown snow from roads and private driveways.

In order to meet your property’s goals it is important to have proper planning before constructing your wind fence if we want to ensure wind reduction and snowdrift accumulation. In Colorado the winds generally blow from the Northwest, if this is the case on your property then we would construct the fence on the north and west sides of your property to ensure protection.

We also recommend multiple rows of wind fences to provide adequate levels of protection from the wind and snow. Because of the natural shifting of winds it is best to extend the wind fence beyond the edge of the area needing protecting.

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